Winter is Coming

There is a chill in the air this and threats of frost on the ground! What happened to summer? While pumpkin picking, football, and binge watching Netflix are all worthwhile activities, our homes need a little love before the cold weather hits.
Winter is Coming

Sorry, we couldn’t resist.
Our first suggested step is to get yourself up on the roof. Or bribe a friend with pizza and beer and send them up there*.

Pizza and Beer

Check out the shingles, specifically looking for any that are loose, missing, or curled. Clean out your gutters. The last thing you want is a bunch of dirt and leaves jamming up the water flow when the temperatures get below freezing. If you’ve got a little extra money, consider adding some mesh guards like these or these to keep debris out in the future. If you’ve got a little more extra money and you really hate cleaning gutters or hounding friends and family to do it for you, check out seamless gutters.
Once you’re back on solid ground, make sure that the water coming from your downspouts is heading away from your home and foundation. Plastic splash blocks like these are helpful for directing water away from your home. However, if the entire slope of the land goes toward your foundation, you’ll need to regrade. Check out this DIY video, or contact our favorite local landscaper to get your lawn and foundation winter ready.
Stay tuned for more tips coming soon…
*Team Lapinsky would like to remind you that consuming pizza and beer on a roof is a bad idea. Use some common sense, people!